Monmo(モンモ)良品 【福島県産品のお取り寄せ通販ストア】Monmo(モンモ)良品 【福島県産品のお取り寄せ通販ストア】 Monmo(モンモ)良品 【福島県産品のお取り寄せ通販ストア】
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第十五回 会津若松市

  • 情報掲載日:2018.01.05
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■Market "Toka-ichi" which will be held on 10th January every year in Aizuwakamatsu City.It is a traditional event that has lasted more than 400 years.Traditional products as candy, windmill, and lacquer line up.
In that market, "Okiagari-Kobousi" is a special product.
It is a local toy in Aizuwakamatsu city and it is also an lucky charm.
It is a custom to buy one more than the number of families in the hope that family would grow.Because it is handmade, the facial expressions are different one by one.
In Aizuwakamatsu City, it is placed in the Shinto shrine, in front of the TV, in the closet and so on. Every time I look face to face with it every day, my attachment comes.
It would become becoming a "family" when next year 's Toka-ichi is held.